Dita’s Farewell

08 Sep

Happiness together with sadness is what I feel when one of my bestfriends will leave. Dita, my brilliant friend, will pursue her master degree in UK. Insya Allah next week she will depart. Well, probably I cry the tears of joy for her 🙂 I wish I could accompany you dear 🙂

dit's farewellI’m happy due her passion will come true as soon as possible. I’m sad coz I will not see her in the next one year. I’m sure she will miss “our events” together with E-6. Special note for RIKUL, please DO NOT MAKE ANY COMMENTS for this sentence yah 😉

Gladly, we could hang out together in such a short time for us last Saturday, September 5, 2009. We were Dita, Rikul, Haz, and me. We actually went dinner regarding ifthar together. We hung out at Ah Tuan Ee’s in Pacific Place. During that time of course we shared stories considering we hardly met before.

One thing for sure, we planned vacation. Insya Allah next year we will make our dreams come true. Well, the dream vacation actually was thought a long time ago when we were in college. Hopefully next year we will  eventually do this, girls 😀 *Amin* so prepare from now on heheheh

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